William Nassar | You Look Like Pomegranate CD Album Review

CD Album Critic by: Yousri el-Ghool

William Nassar writes music for life

Album Review by: Yousri el-Ghool - Gaza

Recently, the Canadian musician of Lebanese origin, William Nasar, released a new album that mimics the bitter reality of the region, and the continuous massacre in Syria in particular.

The album, included eight songs with pomegranate, siege, hunger, and blood-soaked love, mimics the modern song, which captures the listener with the magnificent orchestration and arranging.

Each song talks about a world, a story, and pain, unlike what we hear today of fast food songs. Expressions are important elements in the work of art and even most important because it has an immediate and quick effect on the recipient, and here is William Nassar's field.

As we talk about musical weights must be balanced with lyrics, it is necessary to read the text of those songs that must be addressed by the interested people, despite the bitterness of our political and social situation experienced by the nation..

In the song "You Look Like Pomegranate", the music flows thinly and shows a development in William Nassar's compositional and arranging skills, and the sadness in his voice mimic his sweetheart.
Is it the female he intended or the country that nestles in his heart. He loves her as a pomegranate and sings to her:
[ O, You Look Like Pomegranate
When I smell your scent
I become drunk
When your lips tingle
They become delicious as a Pomegranate] William Nassar You Look Like Pomegranate CD Album Review by: Yousri El-Ghool

The calm atmosphere of the song prompts you to imagine the female in the heart of the imaginary city and a tale of endless love with that girl. She is like pomegranate despite the fact that Lebanon disappears with garbage but it is still beautiful, and the voice of William in the song turns the city ugliness into a beauty that is above the story / song:
[Your lips are always fresh
like the Tulips in the spring
to the extent
the blossoms are shy of your beauty
O, you look like Pomegranate
Your body is undiscovered Goldmine
It reminds me of
Lebanon's brown wheat].

William Nassar succeeded in passing the test by achieving the composite works of several elements and ideas, the pre-production stage, the stage of the embodiment of the musical work, like codification and its emergence from the depths to the existence and then the stage of review of the musical work to the stage of tasting and criticism in self-criticism and then finalizing it, depending on a combination of the effect of the mind and the influence of the conscience together.

William Nassar is a Canadian composer of Lebanese origin and represents the blatant voice for freedom and justice.
His music and songs have added a new dimension to the modern Arabic song, by forming a special relationship between him and the audience.
William Nassar has participated in many international music festivals, along with his special concerts in the Americas, Europe and Lebanon, and has received numerous awards.

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Composer: William Nassar

Label: Draw me a Homeland

Country: Canada & Lebanon

Genre: Humaine,Protest

Language: Various

Format: CD Album

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