William Nassar | Kids of Qana CD Album Review by Nidal Kadri

CD Album Critic by: Nidal Kadri

William Nassar's music troys like the first rain

Album Review by: Nidal Kadri - Canada

"Music like poetry and photography represents the different states of man and depicts the ghosts of the phases of the heart, and illustrates the Achilles' tendencies of the soul and shapes what goes on in the mind," says the intellectual, Gibran Khalil Gibran.

Yes, in each sign and at each note, each title is a representative state expressing a feeling of true affected emotions and spiritual reflections raise the soul to the world of spirituality.

Spiritual revelation that descends from the Gods, and it is not exclusive to a group of prophets. We, the Orientals penetrate the curtain of reflection in our creativity.

I can not but express my gratitude to the artist Dr. William Nassar, who released his album "Kids of Qana" and was signed during the 15th book fair organized by the Canadian Club in Ottawa, Canada.

In my opinion, William Nassar is one of those who infiltrated us. In the titles of his music as in the content, his music feel that simulates this manifestation, manifested in the form of lusts derived from the natural state of his culture, created by the same struggle to remove the injustice and occupation and colonization of his motherland.

William Nassar Kids of Qana CD Album Review by: Nidal Kadri

William Nassar in the CD Album "Kids of Qana" became the ambassador to the cities of one salt, to write his name with others such as Marcel Khalife, Shaikh Imam and Zaki Naseef. The country is wide, the list goes on much longer, but the music does not hold up very much, not all the music is music, some stop you a bit from breathing to say thank you, creativity.

To William Nassar the first rain and the Triumph of Glory, I listend to his Album and did not possess what remained of Magic "Kids of Qana", the production of a music that does not know the appeasement, revolted in his pulse. His musical compositions were divided into 13 chapters: Green Thyme, Goodbye Father, Qana Love, The Boy and the Red Camel, Bosom City, Nahr al-Bared, the Canaanite Christ, Kids of Qana, Eil, Resistance, Em-Saad, To Mary.

It would not have encouraged me to write about this creative production, if it had not been true, and if has not been William Nassar, and it would not have taken me to hear that calmness.So, it is the drowning and the dizziness that the imagination brings to you.

The album is more than a wonderful achievement for William Nassar. I do not know whether he deliberately chose this type of music that is charming and revolting or coincidental. Personally, this is more likely than not. Musician Nassar is one of the leaders of the struggle in the ranks of the Lebanese National Resistance Front. He belongs to a generation that does not sanctify the incident but works with it diligently and with vigor. It is really the renaissance of life.

In a winter that is only known by wise, it is the first rain to our motherland, and the music of the hymn engages each of us in its notes. The politicians slip away, and the poets have some alphabets. They have neglected Williamm Nassar, inadvertently, or in purpose, a page of whiteness, the music of which is written to praise the titles that formed a victory in history for the concepts of truth, goodness and beauty, and a happier life than anything else. With the ease of the wise acquaintance, William Nassar invites you, with optimism, not to read what they wrote about the Nation's defeat.

William, millions and millions of thank you, and may you guide me to my country to know that with ink, music, and not only the rifle, we can break the death and acheive victory.

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Composer: William Nassar

Label: Draw me a Homeland

Country: Canada & Lebanon

Genre: Humaine,Protest

Language: Various

Format: CD Album

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