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I live in Cupids, a beautiful small village in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Cupids is located on the coast of Conception Bay on the island of Newfoundland. It takes one hour drive to St. John's along the scenic Baccalieu Trail near Brigus.

People have been falling in love with Cupids for centuries, because of its colorful homes, warm-hearted residents, culture, festivals, historical places and archaeology. Not forgetting that it is known as the favorite place for musicians and writers.

Cupids had a story behind its name. Some people say it is untrue, but it is very true…
The story tells: A long time ago, a ship arrived from England carrying the first English women to settle here in this place, which was known as Kibby's Cove . Shortly after they arrived, a young man called Nicholas tried unsuccessfully to win the heart of a red headed , named Mary.

Feeling down-hearted, he wandered into the woods beyond the village, to hunt the woods where the ferries were suppose to dwell. Suddenly, according to the legend, behind the bushes popped up a tiny little ferry. Nicholas pulled his bow and threw his arrow towards the ferry, but he missed it. His arrow went over the top of the hill, right where the red head Mary was staying.

When Nicholas looked at the village, he was surprised when he saw  Mary coming towards him and her hair flying behind her to give him back his arrow. He ran and surrounded her with his arms.

When the governor knew about the union of Nicholas and Mary, he wanted to do something special to retain a favor to Nicholas, so he decided to change the name of the village from Kibby's Cove to CUPIDS.
And that’s how Cupid got its name.


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Composer: William Nassar

Label: Draw me a Homeland

Country: Canada & Lebanon

Genre: Humaine,Protest

Language: Various

Format: CD Album

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