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When a city or a woman drains all the love you had in your Spirit
When the elixir of life begins getting out of your ribs …
The perfume of Jasmine Becomes meaningless..

At a moment of surprise I wondered: How could love turns into a knife …
How could God’s face turns into something without features ..

Or at its best, God’s face turns to look like the face of Judas the Iscariot…

Once, I had a dream to be a father of a girl ..
A girl with gypsy brunette hair and eyes ..
I shall call her Rama or Elia ..
But at a moment of a childish grief …
I started to dream of an original funeral for myself ..

A Funeral, no one thought about it before…
Nowadays …
I have a dream …
when I am going to leave in the convoy of the dead .. to a more beautiful planet where there are no betrayals or Jelosy ..

I would love to leave accompanied with Pete Segger’s songs, for I love life…
I am first and foremost an active member of Gabriel’s party ..
Isn’t Gabriel the angel of life?

Once upon a time …
I loved a woman with all my soul …
I added her a rose to my song ..
And to my lyric a plant of Jasmine …
How could I trust her after a betrayal ..
How could I give her my heart once again ..
While all these bloody thorns in the spirit?

I yearn to sleep like a baby..
But, In order to be able to sleep ..
I want a hand of white jasmine …
and a body and spirit, dedicated to me …
And tears of joy as a magnificent Wine ..
In order to go to bed ..
I need a love soaked with a wet heart And a Picture of my childhood..

She said, “Come” ..
Come with bare foot .. ..
And I came ..
When I arrived …
I called God to come and cover me with fronds of palm trees ..
I called God to cover me with flowers, Torah, Koran or the Bible ..
I called God to cover me with heartbeats and bells …
I called God to cover me ..
I called God, you, to be my cover…
I May not wake up …

It’s been a long time Since I wrote my name on a school chair..
who can give back the braid to my heart..
I admit,
I believed in a dream that suppose to take me to the Canaanite time..
But, I didn’t arrive …
Only my blood, whose traveling between the Chaos of Capitals and languages Knows why lovers are so sad …

Soon .. New Release

Composer: William Nassar

Label: Draw me a Homeland

Country: Canada & Lebanon

Genre: Humaine,Protest

Language: Various

Format: CD Album

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