William Nassar
You Look Like Pomegranate
Album Description

Once you’ve told someone, "I love you," there’s really no going back, is there?.You know that you have or that you soon will, that something irrevocable has already come to pass.

When William Nassar released 2015’s You Look Like Pomegranate, he talked about the imperiled long term relationship with the people of his native tongue, fake friendships, disappointment and off course broken hearts.
This album documented in the present tense—though lines like "I Hear Your Voice From Aleppo", "I Love You As You Are Homs" etc.

In a recent discussion over a cup of coffee about his new release, the 48-year-old songwriter, conductor and singer said of its subject:
"The entire album is for someone I still love and care about but she has shot herself in the foot."

For William Nassar to tell us, "I’m not very good at communicating my emotions," might seem like a huge joke: few singer-songwriters have cut to the quick as brutally as he has over his four studio albums. But processing feelings on paper is different than knowing what to say to someone’s face.

"You Look Like Pomegranate" zooms into that moment of pause before you hurt someone with hasty words: "Decompress and calm your head/ Teach you not to rush/ Turn them out, to see your words/ Trust me, stay and stay.

" Despite all his best intentions, the accusations of  betrayal come fast on "Just Like Blood". At the start, his verses about drowning and reaching are blurred and hard to pick out, but over trembling Yamaha piano, he reaches a defiant, unequivocal peak.

You Look Like Pomegranate might be a stopgap release, and a period of change in his songwriting style and believes.

William Nassar has been frank about the fact that he ultimately chose his love over his ideals and that cost him his relationship, and on "You Look Like Pomegranate" song, in a calm moment amidst the turmoil, he claims the only thing worth keeping from the aftermath: "I know myself better than you do."
(Excerpt from Music Canada Magazine)

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