William Nassar
Kids of Qana
Album Description
Kids of Qana CD Album, composed by the Renowned Canadian composer, songwriter and singer William Nassar. It was released on 2010, but didn't find the opporutnity to be sold for many reasons. However, the most important reason was political and sectarian.

Kids of Qana CD Album, contains 13 musical tracks and one re-recorded hit song (On the Road to Aytat). The entire CD Album is dedicated to the kids of Qana " a village in Lebanon South", who were killed in the war.

Kids of Qana CD Album, is a cry for PEACE and JUSTICE, and to say End Your Wars.

In the War, fathers and wailing mothers bury their sons. In Peace, Sons bury their parents; a strong and heart touching statement by the composer.
(Excerpt from Music Canada Magazine)  
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