William Nassar
I Sing for Thee
Album Description
The Album contains 8 songs:
1. Aytat.
2. O Darkness of Prison.
3. My Love, the Resistance.
4. Mona.
5. Solutions.
6. Beirut.
7. A Sea to a New September.
8. To Kamal Junblat.

I sing for thee, or "Lakom Oghanni" in Arabic, despite the fact that it is the first Album for William Nassar, but it scored three songs as Hits.
Aytat is the most popular song among all political and protest songs ever. It was sung by various artists and lately the composer issued a press release and filed a LAWSUIT against two amateur musicians for misusing the song and for copyright infringement, for changing in the lyric to fit their religious, sectarian and political views.

The second hit song was "O Darkness of Prison", while the third hit song was "Beirut".

Lyrics: Track No.2, Poem by Najeeb el Rayes.
Track No. 3, poem by Ahmad el Sadeq.
Track No.5, poem by Sameeh el-Qasem.
Track No.7, poem by Mahmoud Darweesh.
Tracks No. 1, 4, 6 Lyrics by William Nassar

Composition and arrangement by: WIlliam Nassar. Lead Vocals: Donia Krayem and William Nassar.
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