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Montreal, Quebec
  Dowson College Theatre
You Look Like Pomegranate CD Album Signatory Event.

image-1 New Release

Kids of Qana 2nd Edition
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New Project

Al Nidaa (The Calling)

A musical project composed by William Nassar.
Shows start on July 2016 in Europe, United States and Canada.

TheMusical talks about refugees and the right to live.
The photo is the overture of the score, and as it the only notes that have voicing.




William Nassar receives a  thank you letter from the Global Citizen Organization


Prime Minister of Canada, the Honorable Justin Tredeau replies to William Nassar's letter regarding the war on Syria which was sent earlier.

William Nassar sends a  letter to the Honorable Justin Tredau regarding the War on Syria.
Following is the letter.

Honorable Justin Treadau, Prime Minister of Canada

I am William Nassar, a Canadian born composer of Lebanese origins. I write to you while watching the news about the horrible war and death on Syria and I feel shame of my humanity for not being able to do anything to stop it, especially after the news talking about massacres in the city of Aleppo.

I urge you to do all your best and more to stop this dirty war.

Today, I am not Charlie, neither Paris or New York, nor Lebanon or Palestine.
oday I am Aleppo.
Sincerely yours in Humanity
Canadian Composer and Global Citizen
Dr. William Nassar

  2015 News Archieve


Three musical pieces composed by William Nassar will be played in Paris and Switzerland by the Pianist Coralina Pamantierre, in the International Modern Music Days which is sponsored by Ministry of Culture in France and the University of Music in Geneva.

image-1A letter to President Obama

The Canadian Composer and Global Citizen William Nassar sent a letter to President Barak Obama regarding the War on Syria. Following is the letter.

Mr. President of the United States of America,

Subject: Stop the War on Syria

I am William Nassar, a Canadian composer of Lebanese origins.

I have witnessed the horrors of the Civil War in my Native country Lebanon, and I was one of its victims.

For that, I feel the and understand the pain of the Syrian people and what they did go through in the last  four years.

I urge you, and I urge every peace loving individual to act immediately to end the bloodshed in Syria.

It is time to take a stand to prevent more killing and more refugees.
End the bloodshed in Syria Now.
Save children and women of Syria Now.
Global Citizen

William Nassar (P.h.D)

William Nassar plays on the Global Citizen International Festivalimage-1

Washington D.C. 

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