February 17, 2017

Press Release Via William Nassar Legal Representative
After several attempts asking Ms. May Nasr and Wasfi Masarani not to use my original song Ala Tareeq Aytat (On the Road to Aytat) in their performances because of the misuse and ignoring the copyright and the intellectual property of the song, I am William Nassar, the original composer of the song Ala Tareeq Aytat ask for the last time the above mentioned names not to use my song without a written permission, whether in a performance, social media or any other form.

 The above mentioned names will be responsible for the legal infringements and illegal use of the song, thus they will be subject to a legal action in addition to a compensation of $1000000, I donate willingly to the Canadian Cancer Society.

 The lawyer already started filing the legal action and the compensation against Ms. Nasr and Mr. Maasarani, and will submit the forms to the Canadian copyright bureau and Society of Canadian Composers "SOCAN", as well as Immigration Canada and U.S.A. Customs.

 Sorry for forcing us to take this step” .

 William Nassar's Legal Team
To contact the legal team:


August 15, 2016

Montreal, Quebec
 Dowson College Theatre
You Look Like Pomegranate CD Album Signatory Event.

June 18, 2016

 Kids of Qana 2nd Edition
 Available at the following stores:
| CD Baby   
Album official Website

June 28, 2016

New Project
Al Nidaa (The Calling)
A musical project composed by William Nassar.
Shows start on July 2016 in Europe, United States and Canada.
The Musical talks about refugees and the right to live.
The photo is the overture of the score, and as it the only notes that have voicing.

May 27, 2016

William Nassar receives a thank you letter from the Global Citizen Organization


November 20, 2015

Three musical pieces composed by William Nassar will be played in Paris and Switzerland by the Pianist Coralina Pamantierre, in the International Modern Music Days which is sponsored by Ministry of Culture in France and the University of Music in Geneva.

April 18, 2015

William Nassar plays on the Global Citizen International Concert.
Washington D.C. 

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